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Growth in LEKO projects

Loimaa Evangelical Folk Highschool (LEKO, FI) is not only about formal education, but also about personal growth and development for people of all ages.
We present 2 out of 8 this year’s projects here, which are based on green values

1: Erasmus+ Small scale partnership project 7 Zaļais-Vihreä (April 2022-April 2024) in cooperation with Latvian 4H and Loimaa 4H. The youngsters and youth workers met 4 times to created 7 GREEN TIP NOTEBOOK in 4 languages.

2: Nordplus Junior project FILVIS - A green network for the small ones (September 2022-May 2024). 

The partners in this project are:
1. LEKO – children center
2. Pikku Putni – Latvian language school
3. Koti Pesä – Children and youth welfare center

4. Kindergarten Bitīte from Kuldīga
5. Kindergarten Podziņa from Jūrmala
6. Kindergarten Zīlīte from Ozolnieki

7. Latvian School in Reykjavik
8. Mother Tongue Modurmal

We visited each other, explored actions based in green values and make some of them work in our organizations.