What? Where? When? Skola 2024 fair crib notes

On 23–25 February, the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will host Latvia’s biggest education fair, Skola 2024, where young people will get a broad range of information about studying in Latvia and abroad, draw inspiration from impressive events on three stages, meet celebrities, university students and instructors, and engage in various activities. What else does the fair promise for its guests? Find out now!
Meet influencer Niklāvs Mičulis and hip-hop musician Ansis
Social media offers many illusions but there’s often a little skeleton in the closet that you’re probably no stranger to. Niklāvs Mičulis has more than 84,000 followers on Instagram, and will share his experience of panic attacks and what helped him overcome them, as well as go behind the scenes of social media production. Niklāvs will raise the topic of mental health at the Rosinātava’24 informal youth forum, which will take place on 23 February, at 15:25. Famous for legendary verses, sold-out concerts, and record-breaking albums, Ansis is a musician who puts his heart and soul into every piece. If you want to find out the key to his success, join the Future is Now (‘Nākotne ir tagad’) discussion at 12:15. Among other people at Rosinātava, there will be Pipars (Rojs Puķe), Pauls Dunderis and Armands Simsons. The forum is free of charge for those with a Skola 2024 ticket. 

Try the latest Asus Dual-Screen laptops
If you love technology, make sure to go to the Datorium tech stage to try out the new ASUS Zenbook DUO, the world’s first 14-inch dual-screen OLED laptop! The world premiere took place in the US in January, and now, the computer will make its Baltic debut at Skola 2024!

Find out about Turība’s new field of study

If you want to get shiny make-up, take a photo and find out more about Turība University’s new Healthcare field of study, then visit the university’s booth. Notably, the programme will offer two professional higher education college study programmes in Aesthetic Cosmetology and Therapeutic Massage.

Go to a culinary masterclass
Do you like cooking? Can you appreciate the miracles a chef can make? Then come to the culinary masterclass on Saturday, 24 February, and see what masterpieces chef Romāns Artamonovs, who reveals the secrets of culinary arts to aspiring chefs at Riga Hotel School, will prepare in just 20 minutes. The exact time of the masterclass will be announced later. Follow our news on the website and social media!

Discover jobs for the strong

Are you passionate about professions that require strength, endurance and agility? Then learn things about being a policeman, soldier, sailor, or firefighter in Ķīpsala! On 24 February, at 12:00, go to the Open Stage, where State Police College cadets will demonstrate martial arts, parrying attacks and performing defensive techniques. Also at Ķīpsala, you will be able to discover the everyday life of cadets and professional soldiers at the Latvian National Defence Academy and try on gear used by soldiers, try steering a ship in different weather conditions on the ship simulator of Novikontas Maritime College, and then put on the protective suit of a firefighter and check out the rescue gear they use at the booth of the Fire Safety and Civil Protection College!

Take part in an energy industry micro-championship

Connecting a lamp and a USB socket, dimming an LED lamp: try your hand at the competition and win valuable prizes! The Junior Skills ENERGO energy industry micro-championship is open to Year 7–12 schoolchildren. The championship will take place on 23 and 24 February, between 10:30 and 16:00, at the booth of the MAGNUM education centre. Be active: join on your own, or register your whole class!

Join impressive Open Stage events!
Across the three days of the fair, the Open Stage will be venue of many exciting and useful events: presentations, discussions, meetings, and competitions. On Friday, 23 February, there will be a dance lesson with the students of Jāzeps Vītols Academy of Music, a fashion show set up by the students of the Krāslava Branch of Riga State Technical School, and there will be discussions about literacy. On Saturday, 24 February, the Open Stage will host a ‘Women in STEM’ discussion held by Riga Technical University, and the discussion ‘Businesspeople also make mistakes! Concise, interesting, and useful real-life stories’ proposed by Turība University, as well as a discussion by Liepāja State Technical College about what it is like to study and live in Liepāja. On Sunday, 25 February, BA School of Business and Finance will host the show ‘What do you know about finance and doing business in Latvia?’. Find the fair’s extensive schedule at www.bt1.lv/skola/program.php and choose whatever interests you!

Discover study and career opportunities in culture

At Skola 2024, the Latvian Academy of Culture will encourage young people to visit the installation ‘Ceļā’ (‘On the Road’) by stage designer Andris Kaļiņins and to find out about the possible careers in culture, discovering themselves in research, creativity, or in planning and managing cultural events. Furthermore, at the Kultūrkāpnes game station, young people will work with the academy’s students to construct different study experiences and find out about various study programmes, as well as learn about the study process and the wide career opportunities open to the graduates of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Use it!

And that’s not all!
Other participants of the fair from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Uzbekistan, and Germany will also offer many exciting and educational activities. The booth of Riga Stradiņš University will present simulation technologies, with a chance to discover the tech solutions used in pop-up studies and the teaching method used by the Skaļāk student media, while Ogre Technical School will provide an opportunity to try a logging simulator. The Einšteins driving school will offer a wheel of fortune to spin and win valuable prizes, while RTU will give a chance to visit a virtual reality zone and take a tour of the Ķīpsala campus. The Roboskola school’s booth will be a place to time travel from dinosaurs to future technology in VR, to move around on an interactive floor, and to learn the basics of programming and logical thinking together with TTS Bee-Bot and Sphero Indi. And there will be more, with a broad variety of impressive events on three stages! Check out our extensive event schedule at: www.bt1.lv/skola

The Skola fair is organised by The International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, at Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga

Event hours:
23–24 February 10:00–18:00, 25 February 10:00–17:00


Ticket price: €5
Children under 7: free of charge
Seniors, people with disabilities: €3.50
Group ticket (10+): €4.00

Parking: €5
Parking for a bus: €5