Your biggest guide in education: Skola 2024 fair coming in February!

Extensive information about studies in Latvia and abroad, meetings with school representatives, various options for realising your potential, a chance to try a profession, career advice, demonstrations, competitions, and interesting discussions: you can expect all this at the biggest education event of the year, Skola 2024, which will take place from 23 to 25 February at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga. Plan for it today!

“Answering the question of what to study after you graduate secondary or primary school and where is the main, but not the only element of what Skola has to offer. Besides traditional education, young people have access to many other options for how to grow and achieve success. We want to help schoolchildren, their parents and teachers discover these opportunities, which is why this year, we will also bring a few NGOs to take part in the fair,” Valts Jirgensons, Skola project manager, said.

Higher education
Across the three days in Ķīpsala, public and private universities will talk about their enrolment rules, new study programmes planned for the 2024/2025 academic year, preparatory courses, budget places, student exchange and internship opportunities, as well as extracurricular activities. The fair’s guests will be able to talk to faculty members and students from Riga Technical University, Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technology, Daugavpils University, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, Turība University, Riga Graduate School of Law, BSA University of Applied Sciences, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, BA School of Business and Finance, and other higher education institutions.

Vocational education
Colleges, technical and vocational schools, including the Latvia Culture College, Victoria Vocational School, and Bulduri Secondary School of Horticulture, will present the advantages of the vocational education one can attain after graduating from a primary or secondary school. The Latvian-German Vocational Education Centre will offer adult training in a variety of professions that are currently in demand in Latvia and Germany.

All education opportunities

Making it possible for everyone to find the right education in Latvia, especially those graduating from Year 9 and 12, the State Education Development Agency will present the NIID.lv national education opportunities database that compiles the programmes offered by education institutions covering all levels from primary to doctoral studies: junior primary, primary, secondary schools, distance learning opportunities, interest education, etc. At SEDA’s booth, consultants will demonstrate the NIID.lv database and help the fair’s guests to get familiar with it.

Exchange programmes
Are you familiar with all the opportunities for accomplishing your dream of studying abroad or building up on your talents here? SEDA will offer information about what is offered by the European Union’s Erasmus+ education, training, youth, and sport programme. It is available to schoolchildren and university students at all levels of education, as well as teachers, university instructors, and adult educators. The ‘Eņģeļa sirds’ association will tell the fair’s guests about ways to support talented children and young people, especially those from more remote rural areas.

Trying a profession

The fair’s participants will offer a chance for young people at the event to try their hand at various professions, to gain a better understanding of these jobs, and discover something completely new. Take the opportunity to find out what it is like to be a ship’s helmsman, a physician, a soldier, and more!

Career advice
The fair’s cooperation with the Latvian Career Development Support Association continues this year, as young people will be able to get a 30-minute specialist consultation in the career counselling booths. Career counsellors will help them identify their strengths—the talents, interests, abilities, and skills they have—and find out what careers suit them best.

Education opportunities abroad

If you are still not sure whether to study in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, or elsewhere, the fair will be a great place to talk to experts, look into schools, and make your choice. The event will offer information about various courses, seminars, opportunities for studying abroad, and taking international language exams. Schoolchildren and their parents will find out the latest details about the education options available to them, directly from representatives of schools in other countries!

Intense event schedule

In addition to the fair itself, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre will have the Datorium tech stage, where young people will talk about current IT tech. The fair is also to include a few other thematic stages, including the Opportunities stage and the Study Abroad stage and offering valuable presentations, discussions, and exciting demonstrations across all three days of the fair. The fair’s guests will be able to ask questions.

You can still apply to participate!

If your education institution, company, or organisation wishes to participate in Skola 2024, please contact its project manager Valts Jirgensons (mobile: 29268883; e-mail: valts.jirgensons@bt1.lv).

The Skola fair is organised by the international exhibition company BT 1.

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Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, at Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga

Event hours:
23–24 February, 10:00–18:00
25 February, 10:00–17:00