Libertine.Center will introduce with features of the portal

This year, Libertine.Center is participating at Erots with the purpose of introducing the portal and its possibilities for Latvian adventurous lovers of sex. As a gift to all the interested people on the spot, LC is verifying users during the event for FREE. Additionally, LC has created its own brand of clothes that while away from computer allows to find free-minded people a lot easier than up to now.

Libertine.Center (LC) is a social media portal for swingers and liberal adults. LC connects sexually open-minded people with each other wherever they are.

Great success of Libertine.Center is the result of the high quality of users as only verified accounts are allowed to post on the timeline. Verification is a one-time paid service, after which the use of the website is completely free of charge.

Find us to meet the founders of Libertine.Center and to be reassured in our commitment. See you at Erots 2020 in Riga.

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