Aggressive passion by Latvian stunner at Erots Festival

Professional Latvian stripper OJ is going to show off his mastered to perfection sexually suggestive and manly Magic Mike-style dance skills at “Erots 2020”, 21–22 February at Kipsala Hall. This aggressive dance style combined with slow seductive movements and good music definitely makes ladies’ hearts melt. Come, watch and enjoy at Kipsala Hall on 21–22 February!

Music, movement and dance – this is all about OJ’s world. As a fan of hip hop, he started dancing at the age of 16. When he was about 22, he realized that he wanted to change dance style to further highlight his masculinity. His road to the Latvian stripper group “Male Empire Night_out Show” began then.
His first stage appearance was at “Erots 2016” in Kipsala and the dancer still remembers enormous stress before that performance. OJ tells that he has accumulated a thorough experience and, in a matter of seconds, can determine which dance is the best for a woman: “The most memorable shows were those of America tours and the European Solo Championship. But I’m not going to disappoint the visitors of “Erots 2020”. It’s definitely going to be one of my best performances!"

OJ is highly self-exigent – he knows he needs to work hard to achieve something. His athletic body, too, is the result of many hours spent sweating at the gym. OJ’s fit torso and deep dreamy eyes sweep thousands of girls in the world off their feet. There is no doubt that his daily Instagram stories in the shower make girls’ hearts beat faster. Just thinking about it makes mouth water! His heart, by the way, is still open to a relationship. Moreover, the great seducer considers travelling the best way to relax.

The Erots Festival is not just an event; it is an adventure! Perfect male and female bodies in strip shows and performances to suit all tastes, masterclasses, a dizzying party, counselling by the most knowledgeable experts and contests with attractive prizes! The varied festival programme is suitable for single visitors, couples, and friend or acquaintance groups. Meet fascinating artists, take photos with them, go wild on the roomiest dance floor, take part in exciting contests with an attractive prize pack in between the shows, and get to know your sensuality in the SexyStyle Academy area! Feel, discover, enjoy and participate!

Choose from a diversity of erotic lingerie, sex toys to spice up love life, massage oils, intimate well-being products, adult films and other sexy things at the “Erots” Festival.

If you want to have a special experience and be very close to the artists, buy a VIP ticket and take advantage of the closer proximity to the main stage.

Under 18 not admitted! Tickets are available in the “Biļešu serviss” booking offices ( all over Latvia and The ticket is valid for a single day entry to the festival. The VIP ticket is valid for the selected day of the festival and the selected number of people.

The Erotic Festival “Erots” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Sponsors: "Sexy Style", "One Touch", "SM-studio" and “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga”. Information support: TVNET,, "Žirafe",, "Draiskajiem", Radio NABA,,, and

“Erots 2020” opening hours:
21 February 20.00–03.00
22 February 19.00–03.00

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